Tobacco Links

There are many, many ways to learn more about tobacco-free living. Take a look at the following links to see what other state and national organizations are doing!

Tobacco Resources

HMR Nicotine Dependence Center Midelfort Clinic
715-838-KICK (5425), 888-834-4777 (within 715 area code),
733. W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701
Class Meetings: 14 months/outpatient eight-week group sessions with one year of maintenance
Methods: Behavioral counseling, phone support and drug therapy are available


Sacred Heart Hospital Education Department – 715-839-4265
Class Meetings: 5 weeks
Methods: Outpatient group sessions with education component. Self-help materials and one year follow-up available.
Materials/Additional Information: Approximate cost-$60


Tobacco Intervention Program Marshfield Clinic
715-858-4798, 800-924-8515
Class Meetings: 5 weeks
Methods: Community Program – group sessions with one year follow-up and self-help materials. Phone sessions and individualized counseling, along with self-help materials.
Materials/Additional Information: Community Program – approximate cost $75, phone sessions – approximate cost $50


Chippewa Valley Free Clinic 715-839-8477
Methods: Consultation with health care providers and referrals to other services are available.
Materials/Additional Information – Low or no cost


American Heart Association (Self-help and educational materials)
Materials/Additional Information: Other sources of information about quitting Smoking


Self Help for Smoking Cessation
612-835-3300 American Heart Association Minnesota Affiliate
4701 t 77th Street, Edina, MN 5543
Materials/Additional Information: Self-help and educational materials available


Hazelden Residential Nicotine Addition Program (Your Next Step)
800-328-9000 ext. 2779 Center City, MN
Class Meetings: 7 day inpatient
Methods: A twelve-step based program with recommendations for follow-up and aftercare
Materials/Additional Information: Self-help materials available.  Approximate cost – $1,595 (room and board extra) includes program, meals, transportation. Acupuncture used.


Western Wisconsin Working For Tobacco-Free Living  (715) 485-8834


Polk County Health Department (715) 485-8500


Amery Hospital and Clinics - Talk with your primary care physician


Osceola Medical Center – Talk with your primary care physician


St. Croix Regional Medical Center - Talk with your primary care physician