Wisconsin State Laws

What is Wisconsin's Law?

State Statute 134.66 forbids the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18.


Make your policy known

State law requires:

  • Signs- Retailers who sell tobacco must post a sign informing customers that it is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors
  • You can place "proof of ages" signs by your register (optional)


Keep tobacco out of reach

State law requires:

  • No giveaways- Promotional "giveaways" of tobacco can only be conducted where minors are not allowed unless accompanied by an adult
  • No singles- Cigarettes have to be sold in a pack or carton
  • Limited vending access- Cigarette vending machines can only be located where minors are never present and can never be placed within 500 ft. of a school
  • You can put tobacco products in locked cabinets or behind the counter to decrease chance of theft (optional)


Follow the rules

State law requires:

  • Employee training- Retailers must train employees regarding the law and keep a record of that training in employee personnel files
    • Check out www.smokecheck.org  an online tool to learn the facts about Wisconsin's tobacco sales laws.
  • You can also have a clear policy for asking ID (optional)
  • You can have a daily calendar to validate age

What can it cost you?


  • Up to $500 with no prior violations in the past year
  • $200 to $500 with one or more violations within the past year
  • If a citation is issued to a retailer, and the clerk who made the sale was properly trained in accordance with the law, a citation must also be issued to the clerk


Suspension of license

  • Up to 3 days if there has been a previous citation within the past year
  • Up to 10 days if there has been a previous violation within the past year after 2 other violations
  • Up to 30 days if there has been a violation within the past year after 3 or more prior violations