Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco (FACT)

FACT members fighting for smoke-free air in Wisconsin!

Relax. FACT isn't going to tell you what to do. 300 Wisconsin teens started FACT in 2001, so don't expect us to insult your intelligence. We're not here to preach or beg or bash smokers. We're here to fight Big Tobacco.

They'd never admit it, but the tobacco industry makes billions of dollars selling a product that kills 1,200 people a day in the U.S. alone. They spend more than $42 million every day on slick advertising and subtle messages about being cool and "all grown-up." They've entrenched themselves in our culture by deceiving and manipulating the public. Teens like us are target practice to Big Tobacco–so we fight back.

FACT is a youth-led movement that takes action and creates change. We do it by exposing Big Tobacco's dirty secrets and deceptive practices. By empowering Wisconsin teens to stand up to an industry that's lying to us. And by understanding that FACT's fight is with the tobacco industry, not smokers. We all have to make our own decision. FACT just wants it to be an informed one.

Thousands of us are making a difference. You can take a stand against Big Tobacco's lies, too. You can fight with FACT.