FACT - Spreading the truth about tobacco

Relax. FACT isn't going to tell you what to do.
300 Wisconsin teens started FACT back in 2001. Now, more than 5,000 FACT members and 30 groups spread the truth throughout our state. That’s 5,000 teens just like you, leaders who saw the harm tobacco can do and decided to take a stand.

FACT is for teens who care. For leaders who want to make a difference. For young people who’re ready to be brave. And for those who have something to say. FACT is for any teen that’s had to deal with tobacco’s deadly consequences.

Seems like everybody knows someone who’s gotten sick, maybe even died, because of tobacco. In Wisconsin, tobacco products kill nearly 8,000 people every year. That’s about 650 people a month. At least 21 someones every single day. Help us change those numbers for good.

We all have to make our own decision. FACT just wants it to be an informed one.

Thousands of us are making a difference. You can take a stand against Big Tobacco's lies, too. You can help Spread the Truth with FACT.